Rules for Presenting and Provider Schedules

The Rules for Presenting

ATTENTION DME, Home Health & Pharmaceutical Representatives

We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to be advised of your medical products and services. However, we extend presentation privileges expecting strict adherence to these rules:

  1. Schedule your visit in advance:
    • Click on “Request a Pharmaceutical Rep appointment” and make your request using the email response form. To view our current appointment openings, click on “View Our Calendar”.
    • Provide a telephone number and e-mail address where you can be contacted. In the comments section note what drug you will be bringing in, if any.
  2. One individual only per session is permitted to detail in the clinic. Other team members (supervisors, trainees, etc.) are not permitted to accompany the designated rep into the treatment areas or physician offices.
  3. Obtain an identification badge. When you arrive for your scheduled visit, sign in with the MOC and turn in your keys to receive an identification badge authorizing your detail in the Clinic. Please return the badge to the MOC at the end of your visit and your keys will be returned.
  4. Do not place any materials (handouts, pens, signs, product collaterals, brochures, clocks, or other branded materials) anywhere in the Clinic (walls, desks, patient lounges, exam rooms, office or other work areas). However, materials may be left on the conference room table or submitted to the MOC for review. If approved by the Administrator, they will be appropriately placed in the clinic.
  5. Drug recall notification. In the event of a product recall, a company representative must personally advise our Administrator immediately.


  • Expiration dates MUST be written in black marker on the outside of each multi-box before delivery.
  • No medication expiring within 6 months will brought into the Clinic.